NO, I would not support this venture. It…

NO, I would not support this venture. It is a great idea, but it has already been done, better, by EdPuzzle. You can upload a video from YouTube, or wherever, and embed quiz questions (open or closed). You have settings so that they cannot skip ahead, or turn that off. You can also pre-set some feedback where you explain why certain answers are wrong (if they are chosen) and why certain answers are right (if they are chosen), or, for an open-ended question, a summary of what a right answer would sound like. It is a great site, already made, that does what Brainitz wants to do, but is already on the market. Two other things I found curious in the video were 1) the statistic 75% of teachers use blended learning – where did this stat come from? 2) there is a gap in classrooms where some students struggle and just cannot access the learning, while others are bored and ready to move on, requiring greater tools for differentiation, self-pacing and a wider variety of modalities of teaching.

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