Noan, to start with, what a great elevat…

Noan, to start with, what a great elevator pitch! Definitely did the trick of relaying some basic info and getting me hooked. The basic functionalities of the platform are direct and, as you note, overcome the biggest challenge of GBL; management of resources. I think you’re marketing strategy is very well poised for today’s (and the future’s) landscape of educators, but I wonder how suitable it is for students/teachers that are not necessary Digital Natives; I know it’s a ever-growing minority, but there are still those who grow up with little to no exposure to video games. Again, when it comes to your Plan/Ask, I think you did an exceptionally professional job in explaining the breakdown of costs, timelines and schedule of return (certainly important to the investors themselves). I like the actual business model itself too, in that the content creators can set the price – I think it’s also smart to advise a general cost of $20/package; this makes it very reasonable for educators to use the product. I think, as some others noted, your ask is probably too small for the work required; I work in IT and I can definitely say that an annual budget of $15000 USD is minimal, at best. All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed with what you’ve created here, and although not an educator myself, think there would be tremendous value in the platform. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with in the future – great job!

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