Patrick, I really liked both of your pre…

Patrick, I really liked both of your presentations and how each had a real professional “slick” quality. The use of visuals was very effective and your voice narration perfect! Your elevator pitch was able to catch my interest as an investor but at the end of it I am still not quite sure exactly what STEMverse is. A VR universe yes, I got that, but what does that really mean? As an investor I might not be that familiar with your comparisons Second Life and Khan Academy and therefore would not have a reference for understanding your product. Your venture pitch is very detailed and provides important information but the tools and technology that your venture will need are still in their beginning stages of development and distribution. Mainly only developers have access to the viewing devices that you specifically referred to as using and needing for STEMverse. As an investor it’s a bit of a “stretch” to envision how your product could work in education at the present and so as an investment it I would have to decline for the time being. Also, you didn’t state an amount for an investment. However, I do believe your idea has a lot of promise and that we will in the distant future see an educational space like STEMverse.

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