Pitch Review: eSCPiPi is student centred…

Pitch Review: eSCPiPi is student centred collaborative communication learning portal. The author describes the problem with the lack of collaborative options with current systems of a similar nature. Students are able to log on to these systems but not collaborate with other students. ESCIPI affords students this option and appears to be a feasible solution to the problem. The author is the idea behind the product and states that he is wanting to have someone else develop the idea as he does not have the expertise in this area, which seems to be warranted. The problems of navigating through governmental (they will be sanctioning it) red tape is not commented on but could prove to be a major obstacle in getting this venture up and running. The marketing plan identifies government and education decision-makers as potential buyers of the product but no actual numbers of buyers is given.The potential market appears to be Ontario only but is it aimed at K-12 or higher education? This is not a revenue generating venture however it would be useful to have this data in order to see if the initial money used for startup development is warranted. Further, who will fund the program’s maintenance? The size of the ask is not clearly identified as it is based on the size of the customer, however this vagueness does not boost one’s confidence in the venture. The development timeline is not described but it seems like there would need to be a customer prior to anything being built. This venture on the surface seems like a good idea but the data to get an investor to invest is lacking. I would not feel confident with so many questions regarding buyers, development, maintenance etc left unanswered. There was a lot of information to read in this pitch and I would have lost interest as a potential investor having to wade through it. A shorter presentation with just the minimum would have been useful.

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