Pitch Review: GroupWork 2.0 is a program…

Pitch Review: GroupWork 2.0 is a program that facilitates collaboration in learning. The pitch did not identify a problem in the current market place that it would fill. There are numerous application currently in place that address this issue. Is another really needed? The solution (GroupWorks 2.0) is described as providing synergy (spelling error in pitch) between existing programs. This appears to be a reworking of existing Google programs with different packaging. A side by side comparison of how GroupWorks is different would be useful. The market for the product is described in very general terms however the actual target market is not identified. Is it aiming for a province, Canada, North America? Is Google itself the target? Who are the actual customers? What market share is being sought? There is no marketing strategy outlined so we are in the dark about how customers will be acquired. As a result the possible revenue for this product can not be reliably estimated, though there is some information about possible ways the product will be marketed in terms of subscription, in-app purchases. A development plan for the app is not included so a timeline for completion is not apparent. The person or team (if there is one) behind the venture are not introduced so we have no idea who they are or what their qualifications are. We do not know if they have invested any of their own money in this venture. No exit strategy is given. The ask for $500,000 is significant but we are not given any information on a return for our investment. A plan of what the money will go towards is also lacking. From an investment point of view there are gaps in this pitch that need addressing (originality, customers, target market, team, marketing strategy). This seems like a very risky venture based on the information presented in the pitch.

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