Pitch Review: Sticky notes is an organiz…

Pitch Review: Sticky notes is an organizational tool for essay writing. The pain point is made clear with data to back up the problem of students inability to organize themselves to write good essays. The solution is Sticky Notes. Though not an original idea, Sticky notes has some features that the competition does not, namely essay organization. As noted in the pitch there are numerous apps that accomplish the same thing as Sticky Notes (Gingko, Tinydocs, Evernote, and Evernote sticky notes) so it is questionable whether this product could stand out against such substantial competition. A side by side comparison would have been useful to show where the product is superior. Right now it is hard to see what makes Sticky Notes better than the competition. The market for this product is school administrators in North America and eventually Europe and Australia. This is a huge market however a marketing strategy was not described so we are unsure how buyers will be secured. The timeline from development to world distribution seems ambitious and there is no plan to describe how this would be achieved. The team appears creditable however I think they are lacking a marketing person or project manager for this venture. There is no exit strategy described. The ask seems too low to accomplish what they want to, unless there is money being contributed by the team (this is not stated). There is no outline of how the funds would be spent. This venture seems to have merit but more detail is required on customer acquisition, marketing strategy and development plan before I would invest.

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