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Pitch Review: Stringwood Software Solutions is a database management system within Google apps. The pain point for this product is not described. Is this really a big problem or just a problem for the product designer? There is extensive information and a demonstration about the product itself and how it can streamline data management for teachers, which is useful but it is more information than is needed at this point. The differentiation between this product and others like it is made clear and Stringwood Software (SS) does have some small advantages over the other programs (a spreadsheet, uses Google platform, ownership). However, there are several similar cloud based SIS programs currently on the market (Alma, School-wide Management System) and it is not made evident how SS is superior enough to draw customers away from the other full service/feature programs. A marketing plan to attract customers is not presented. The target market is teachers in small schools but the actual number of potential customers is not given. Is it small schools in BC, Canada, North America? Based on this lack of information the revenue potential for this product is indeterminable. The readiness for market of the product is not clear either. Is the product ready to go or does it require further development? What is the timeline for completion? How much money will be needed to complete it? Which brings up another issue – there is no ‘ask’ included in this presentation. What is the point of the presentation if nothing is being asked of the viewers?What is the return on investment for potential investors? This is not addressed either. As a venture investment pitch, critical areas are deficient and this pitch would not encourage someone to invest in it. It comes across as something the author is working on off the side of his desk and not as a true marketable venture. It would be a very risky investment based on the information provided in this pitch.

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