Prior to this week, my knowledge of 3D p…

Prior to this week, my knowledge of 3D printing was quite limited, particularly in relation to its educational applications. Your OER effectively explained and illustrated the world of 3D printing with a good balance of text and video. Presenting both the benefits and potential risks providing a balanced picture of this technology. The site was easy to navigate and the tabs were appropriately labeled. I appreciated the integration of choice for each of the activities. Although it is valuable to broaden my understanding of other fields and areas of education, I like the ability to apply my learning to my current teaching assignment. For this reason, I preferred the option to choose between elementary and high school case studies and discussion forums. Providing options for 3D software was also beneficial. I was able to try out a couple of different programs, expanding my understanding of product creation and broadening my options for potential classroom use. Thanks for a great week!


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