ProDev Planner Feedback – I thought that…

ProDev Planner Feedback – I thought that this presentation did a really good job of outlining the pain point and the solution as well as how it can work in various situations. As an outlook user who understands exactly the problems with PD planning you’ve mentioned, I fully appreciate the need for this plugin. I liked the touchcast video format in that I loved being able to see you which helped to establish a relationship and credibility and in that it provided for a little bit of interactivity. I thought it added an interesting and professional component. On my computer at work at least, the video lagged and glitched along which was very distracting. The audio and the video didn’t sync and it cut out at times. I would find it difficult to follow. I’m not sure if this was the quality of streaming from my computer or something else. I also found the inability to scroll once I zoomed in in the UberFlip presentation annoying, but I understand that is a limitation of the tool. I thought your graphics and charts added a really professional look to your presentation that added credibility again to your pitch. The big part that was missing for me as an investor was the ask. How much are you looking for? What will it pay for? What can I expect in return? How will the product be marketed? I’m interested in investing and feel that this is a worthwhile venture, but I don’t have enough information to decide if I’m willing to move to the next step. It felt a little bit like 2 elevator pitches to me.

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