Professional “looking” content is all ov…

Professional “looking” content is all over the internet, but professional “quality” content is limited. Published content is quality content and people are aware of that. So while “Free” and available content poses a risk to the publishing industry, that can be used as a stepping stone. Publishers can create a platform for promoting free content while they add the quality to the content that is being featured on their platform. Let us take the example of newspaper and magazines. Along with paper publishing, most of these provide a free web edition. This generates “presence”. They are now available to a user base that is otherwise way off limits. So endorsements follow. Likewise, educational publishing industry can promote educational content. When they gather a certain recognition, schools and institutions are bound to endorse them. A nominal subscription fee to access all content can be added.(Example Kindle Unlimited).
In short with the digital revolution, all traditional ways need to be evolved. No industry can afford to make them unreachable by not participating in this digital wave. The Internet should not be a competition, but a stepping stone for the publishing industry.

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