Read Gauge Review: The pain point is cle…

Read Gauge Review:
The pain point is clearly identified. Read Gauge definitely would fill a niche market catering to reading comprehension. The market is presented as a hot commodity yet I would like to know the overall trend of the market; has this market continually increased for many years or is this simply a momentary peak? I would feel more comfortable as an investor to be presented with a trend rather than a static number. The product is well outlined and detailed. Yet at times it seems that the pitch was more oriented to the consumers of the product rather than the investors. The 1st 4 minutes truly focussed on the reason teachers would want to use the product more than why investors would buy into the company. Excellent sales pitch for the consumers. The “ask” for the investors is very clear and describes the use of the money. However, I am not too sure how the company will make money, there is no mention of the target audience (bought by the teacher the student or the school board) or the amount the product will be sold for. As an investor, I would have liked to see the size of their clientele pool, their projected possible revenues and the manner Read Gauge intends to reach its clientele. I am also unsure in regards to the business experience of team members of Read Gauge. I have only been introduced to one member of the team and actually know very little about his business skills. Both the elevator pitch and the venture pitch do an excellent job at separating Read Gauge from the competitors. The competitors are presented not degraded and Read Gauge is presented and shown as superior to them in reading comprehension in a clear and concise manner. The CEO of Read Gauge shows confidence, passion, seems knowledgeable and professional; I would definitely do business with Caleb yet perhaps not on this venture. The teacher in me loves the idea; I simply believe that a bit more work needs to be done before I am willing to invest. Very professional presentations!

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