Reflecting back on my own experiences le…

Reflecting back on my own experiences learning physics and chemistry earlier on in life, I vividly recall how difficult both subjects were for me to wrap my head around since they are both subjects taught predominantly in abstract. As a visual learner, I struggled significantly to make sense of theories and formulas in physics class with no way to “see” them in action. Students, like me, who benefit from a visual element when trying to grasp new concepts, would be able to develop a richer understanding of topics and be better able to apply theories and manipulate formulas when they can observe the results of changing a variable or factor involved in determining quantities of acoustics, optics, magnetism, etc – things that aren’t easily viewable in a traditional classroom. Likewise, running experiments in Chemistry class, such a making compounds and solutions, are dramatically hampered in traditional classrooms for a number of reasons such as safety or availability/cost of obtaining materials. With VR googles like those created by Michael Bodekar, these problems all but disappear. Students can experiment with rare/expensive materials with no risk of hurting themselves of the lab if they improperly combine caustic, flammable, or explosive substances. This allows for greater experimentation, instead of the very limited experimentation that occurs in classrooms nowadays.

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