Regan Ross has created a valuable learni…

Regan Ross has created a valuable learning experience in The Civic Mirror, where students learn through an immersive and embodied and manner. He is a visionary, who recognized the need to connect abstract concepts of government, the economy and the judicial system through an extended series of connected activities that generates impressive authenticity among student participants. I have used The Civic Mirror in my grade 10 classes for the past 3 years, and I can speak to its effectiveness and reliability as a learning tool. Equally impressive is Regan Ross. I have got to know him since my trial run in 2013, where he enthusiastically responded to my emails, discussion posts and even phone calls to ensure that I had a successful experience with the platform even though the program is well documented with tutorial resources. He is a committed Constructivist who is well-read in progressive pedagogies who shares his passion with colleagues and students alike. The success of his simulation in both Canada and the United States is testimony to this.

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