REVIEW: A great elevator and venture pit…

A great elevator and venture pitch, Brian. Engaging and informative, and your revisioning of the ask and was an interesting twist. Your rationale and structure for enticing users to adopt the platform is solid and specific, and in linking your venture to Steam, you are able to provide ample credible support to your cause. Some specific cited research into video games in education might have been useful, as would any kind of research that looked at the phenomenon you presented: why educational games flounder while non-educational games don’t.
As an investor, I would be interested in a couple of things: what are these agreements with the developers? If the success of your company is dependent on your partnerships with other companies, I would like to know a little bit more about them. As well, if the success of your company is dependant on the perceived value of the content generated by users, what sort of strategies would you use to ensure that the content is good? My final question would be that of hardware. In order for gameified learning to thrive in classrooms, that technology needs to be ubiquitous and accessible to every student. Would Steam EDU take steps to ensure that happens? You could restructure your product and pricing, and pitch to school districts to offer memberships to the site that would include a class set of computers? That way the seed has been planted for whatever type of growth you envision down the road. Could something like this be incorporated into your marketing plan?
All in all, I really enjoyed the venture and elevator pitch, Brian. You have convinced me to invest in your venture, and to treat myself to a PS4 (with Subnautica) once I am finished with my MET.
– Scott

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