REVIEW: A striking pitch! My initial rea…

REVIEW: A striking pitch! My initial reaction when reflecting on your video was how much thought and analysis went into this product. Both videos are of a very high quality, and I enjoyed the visual demonstration of what Notepound is anticipated to be capable of. I appreciated your honest analysis of the product, both its positive attributes and its limitations. In particular, when you noted concerns around being able to keep up with a lecture using this format of note taking I found myself connecting with the pitch and nodding my head in acknowledgement of the potential learning curve for users. As an EVA I found both of your pitches intriguing and very professional. As an investor I would have concerns around timelines and its appropriate market. You noted that this pitch was intended to get from concept to release, a lot could happen during that time and I wonder if this app would be out of date by the time it was launched? Overall, an excellent and compelling venture pitch!

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