Review: Allons-Y! is a good solution for…

Review: Allons-Y! is a good solution for a current problem in Canada. The pitch: The venture pitch covered main ideas and features of the product, and the idea of the LMS is great. The idea of open source and collaboration environment is creative and meets the current world strategies. But the point that I didn’t find it covered is the content quality control. If the content was based on the contribution of teachers/ people around the world, this may leads to a low quality product and unauthorized content (the same concerns of the Wikipedia reliability). The marketing strategy is good and I think that many sectors (private and governmental) will be interested. The crowdfunding idea is ideal for such projects . Your team is good and suitable for such venture, as you have diverse education background. The Championship section was remarkable, and I wanted to see more details for the ask sections. I think, even it is a not for profit project, you had to add a return section, so the investors will have a clear vision of the importance of their funding. Anyway, good luck and keep working on it.

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