REVIEW: Amazing presentation of your ven…

REVIEW: Amazing presentation of your venture. It looks and feels so polish/finished, so bravo on such a job. I enjoyed the novel idea of using something like Spotify or the Streaming Music platform for company advertisement. And this is what it is, for companies to advertise how they grow and new projects on the horizon. If you aim for it to be more of a review of business, the question I would ask is who qualifies to do the reviewing and analyses? I was slightly confused by this since in your website, you noted that companies will be allowed to buy accounts that allow for playlists. So this means that the company will create the content and of course a company will portray itself in the most positive light, so that means that it is very much like an ad campaign and public relation media. If this is the venture, I would not invest since I have my doubts of people wishing to listen to adverts.
I would invest under this condition:
Build a framework of having independent business analysis done on fortune 500 companies, in depth breakdown of company strategy and position as well as its financial position. This is insight that I as a user or an investor will pay money to listen to.
Also, up and coming startups may be the bread and butter to your platform. Seeing accomplished and established companies such as Canadian Tire or KPMG does not move the needle in terms of the return of my investment. They are blue chippers. What you need is a few home runs in the bank. What is exciting is listening to a company that is in the early development stage. They are in a market that is ripe for the picking and needs just a few strokes of luck to turn upwards and onwards. Where do I find this piece of nugget of intel….INVENTISITFY! (Changed your name too!)

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