REVIEW: As a big fan of gamified learnin…

REVIEW: As a big fan of gamified learning in the classroom, this really appealed to me. I felt that your elevator pitch was clear and the scope of the project really came through. I can tell why it has fallen apart. In the game play, I was impressed by the amount of interactive objects and 3D details the game had… but the scope of it seems very unreasonable for a start up! I think a more basic game getting built first and then update it as you have time would be more prudent. I do have an initial concern over how realistic it would be for students to get their hands on Oculus Rift frequent enough to use this for meaningful learning. After watching your venture video, other than getting the project up and running again, I’m not sure what you are asking for. I would like to invest, but what is the plan? How much do you need? You need a full-time team, but what is that going to cost a year? So, as a waiting investor, I still have lots of questions!

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