REVIEW: As a venture analyst I recognize…

REVIEW: As a venture analyst I recognize the potential in your product and the value that it would add for teachers and learners. You have presented a strong case for the need of teachers to diagnose comprehension deficiencies in students that is effective, accurate and time-saving. You have also articulated the manner by which READgauge would operate with existing tools as a means to flag the learners most in need of attention. In this manner, your tool adds the value of prioritizing interventions possible. I am concerned that the mechanism for feedback in the READpauses is multiple choice questions, which allows for guessing by students. There needs to be some consideration that weak readers jeopardize the validity of the assessment and develop some means to deal with this. An example would be subsequent questions stemming from initial selections that aid in determining why a question was wrong. I also need to know more about you, your team and how you are the ones to champion this venture. Finally, further information how will READgauge will be marketed, price, the possibility of in-App purchases and other means to secure revenue for your investors must be further developed. I believe that you have a solid product that addresses a legitimate need among teachers as a diagnostic comprehension tool. I recommend investment in this venture with the provision that you further develop your marketing plan to address these concerns.

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