REVIEW: As an elementary teacher that us…

REVIEW: As an elementary teacher that uses GAFE and other such online apps, I want to pull my hair out every day over passwords! I’ve been forced to have their passwords as “pass”… we can’t forget that one! We are doing a unit on cyber safety and the online password rater we used has “pass” at a 4% approval rate. I’m forced to balance my sanity over security. I appreciate how passionate you are about the venture – your confidence comes through clearly. As an investor, I appreciate you showing us what the product would look like. I do have a couple concerns though. What is the plan if Apple were to change their minds and centre the iPad around a multi-user focus? Are there enough tech-savvy teachers out there that have their students on multiple online tools to warrant purchase? So, even though I have a couple of concerns, sign me up!

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