Review: As an EVA, I find your solution…

Review: As an EVA, I find your solution new and has features can improve the current situation and has a place in the market. Your team members covers your product needs and I find the CEO experience good. The venture concept is unique, but my only concern here is the wide range of facilities you offer in your service.As an EVA, I think that focusing on one or two majors gives the product more reliability and professionalize. You offer training content, immigrants support, company employing services and several\options. I suggest to concentrate on one field so it can be more efficient. I understood that it is a not for profit venture, so what the investors will gain from investing? I understood that the product features will greater and you will reach a bigger market,but what would investors get? As an investor, I would think many times and ask for several details before I do. Good Luck!

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