REVIEW: As an investor I am motivated to…

REVIEW: As an investor I am motivated to throw my weight behind I Read You. My motivation to do so is more of an investment in the way I believe the market is going, and not the immediate impact the app could have. I feel that the financial projections are slightly optimistic, but agree that it is in line with established market trends. Currently most schools are still using hardcopy textbooks for students and until curriculums change or textbooks wear out, they will continue to do so. Inevitably, they will be moving digital at some point in the future and this venture clearly outlines a number of reasons to do so. We are already seeing digital copies used successfully at the post-secondary level and we should see it trickle down over the next number of years. What appeals to me most is how the app is something every classroom teacher would appreciate. As an investor, this is paramount to me, because any product I back must be highly sought after by the target market. The ability to automatically and seamlessly tailor the text to individuals is invaluable; especially when it makes the text available to all students, regardless of ability.

I also appreciated the clear and concise approach of the venture. There was no guess work required as I switched between pages. Clearly we have a quality product that will be appealing to its audience and is in line with current technological trends…I have decided it is imperative that I back I Read You.

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