REVIEW: Cathy, your idea is brilliant, t…

REVIEW: Cathy, your idea is brilliant, timely and well researched. I have spent time myself researching what is out there for e-portfolios for our students to use in a public district in the province of BC. You identified the problem, the need to look at assessment of our students differently, and value the variety of ways they show their development of skills. The value of creating a learning portfolio is apparent and you outlined clearly your solution. The market was clearly defined as were many of the competitors in Canada. One solution we are exploring is Freshgrade
A free portfolio service that can be transferred to a district license. Your information on ease of use within a school server and concern for privacy and the need for data storage in Canada to be FIPPA compliant was well done. I appreciated your reflection, I think that the numbers and marketing data is the most difficult to project. Well done, and good luck to you and Y2Y! I recommend investment in this venture.

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