REVIEW: Concierge appears to be a great…

Concierge appears to be a great solution to the challenge of onboarding new employees. The use of a chatbot to provide support and connection to new employees would be an effective way to do this and create savings within an organization by reducing the percentage of new staff that leaves. Using a well build and designed chatbot would also allow for Consierge to be used by organizations operating in different fields and in different sizes.
The fact that there are already similar products on the market makes this a hard sell. While Consierge has some unique features I don’t know if this is enough to warrant investment. If I were to invest I would like to see the following.
– specialists in HR, designers, and programmers to ensure that Consierge is scalable and customizable by clients and easily adapts to different types of jobs and markets.
– ensure that Consierge functions in multiple languages even if it was set up using one specific language. This would open up markets worldwide but also encourage large corporations that may have staff in different parts of the world whose first languages are different to use it.
With the previous mentioned additions/adjustments I would recommend Consierge for Investment.
Well done Amanda!