REVIEW: Dear Chris, an excellent elevato…

REVIEW: Dear Chris, an excellent elevator Pitch for a consumer. Also an EVA could become interesting, however here I am missing a little bit that you are talking to an investor. Nevertheless, I was hooked and thought wow this solution could really be interesting and have market potential! Hence I was curious to the rest of your Venture Pitch.
1. Market focus – You have identified a clear market, and audience and a need / or currently a challenge that customers but even teachers could be facing. Imagine your online learning passport that keeps track of what you have learnt, the sources and what has been successfully completed.
2. Type of offering – I am far from a technical person, but I guess you have thought this through. I would be curious to understand HOW you are doing this. Is it legitimize to gather al data and content from 3rd party websites?
3. Who is the buyer? – The question here would be, would each individual be interested to buy this. Or could it be part of a your school fee or company’s personal development package. I think its in personal but also in teacher, employers, peers interest to understand what you have gathered, and which knowledge you have gained etc. So maybe it could even be an extended feature to LinkedIn / resume builder (Not sure if LinkedIn is popular in your region; but in EU its is used for job applications and continued learning a lot)
4. Global targeting – I think you made this very clear. And with your own background and expertise, I think you will get quiet easily a foot between the door and schools would be interested to distribute this for you.
5. Market status – I think you made a great business analyses and growth projection.
6. Competition – I am not sure if there are competitors really – that makes me also maybe wonder if there would be a real potential. Or that you have come up with something really unique … seems like it!

Well done in your presentation & Pitch,
I would invest in this with a request on a IRR proposal after 5 years, as I think the market will completely disrupt after this and we all have digital passports / persona resume’s build upon all our data and content online. Though if you are keen, I would also apply as a co owner and take the business development on me 😉

As a side question, your Elevator pitch is great and I would love to know how you have done this? How did you create the images and video behind you? I have to assist my school at the moment with integrating podcasts (inc video) to keep teaching the students remote. I am not an expert in this – but if it could look like your video … that would be great. Maybe you can reach out to me on (that is as a fellow student – not as a real EVA 🙂