Review – Edsecute is a good idea and I t…

Review – Edsecute is a good idea and I think it could be useful for quite a few schools and districts. It basically seems to be an educational/information technology outsourcing firm at its core. There is nothing inherently bad about that, I am more biased to having internal personnel. I would have like to have seen a cost benefit breakdown of hiring internal versus external to show that as a company you can deliver a real value. I am worried about the footprint of the business since it does seem to be limited in the market locations you will have to work with in the beginning. Eventually once a reputation is established, a larger national presence shouldn’t be an issue but at the start it might be. My big question for this venture is that if you are merely existing as a service provider of information, why do you need venture capitalist funding at all. It doesn’t seem like any money is going towards development of products or that much R&D. Once an established knowledge pool is created, it seems fairly routine from market to market.

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