REVIEW: EmoTech app This is a brilliant…

REVIEW: EmoTech app
This is a brilliant idea. Your pitch was well done and enthusiastic. I really liked how you pitched yourself as founder and your background as an educator with much experience in working with students who struggle with Anxiety. You seem very authentic, something an EVA looks for. You laid out the problem, with research and provided both data and a human face “Brodie” to the information. I love how the app connects physiology to emotion and adapts to the user and provides “real time “ data interpretation and strategies to use. Foe students with lower cognitive skills or those who are “exploding” first, there will need to be scaffolds but this app rides on the “wearables” technology trend that is so big right now. I would like to try it, TOMORROW!! I think your venture is well thought out and I recommend invest!

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