Review – eSCiPi seems like an interestin…

Review – eSCiPi seems like an interesting idea. I’m not entirely sold on the fact that this is needed as compared to the other social tools in existence. I worry that administration of the platform is going to be a large cost to whoever is running it. Also it would have been good to know what the technology is going to consist of. Web and communication standards are constantly evolving and it could dramatically affect the viability of your platform. I was left wondering what the demographic of this venture is focused towards. I can see a wide range of uses throughout all ages but that might be too much to focus on for an initial rollout. Lastly, for a product like this, I feel that asking for VC should come after some initial R&D has been addressed. Since this venture has start-up written all over it, it should exist in some form before asking for the cash. Good job overall on building out your idea.

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