REVIEW: Excellent pitches, Victoria! As…

REVIEW: Excellent pitches, Victoria! As an EVA I was looking in particular that you covered certain components and your venture pitch met and even surpassed my expectations. Your product description was very thorough and used great visuals to which a potential investor might make connections (Google, Discovery Ed., IXL…) and you also connected it to social media, a market that is bursting at the seams. By addressing the problem of older devices with a “Master Password” option, you have also added to the appeal of your product. The “Market” that you have identified started out with education but then you managed to connect to all areas of society, from home use and business all the way to tourism, restaurants, and medical uses. This is fantastic as it really means a huge potential population demanding your app which is money in the pocket for investors. In your “Ask / Return / General” section you clearly outlined exactly how much money you are seeking and you described how that money would be spent. This reflects a strong business model and that you have done your research. You identified “Venture Weaknesses”, which initially had me worried. However, you used this as a platform to show how your company would address these weaknesses. Finally, you identified an exit strategy. I can honestly say that your venture pitch was very powerful, thorough, and believable.
QUESTIONS/ THOUGHTS: In the beginning you introduced yourself as the CEO. However, you did not identify any of your credientials until near the end when you mentioned being a classroom teacher and technology coach. To gain trust right away, perhaps these should go near the beginning of the pitch? You did address the issue, so this really is merely a technical suggestion. Again, this is really a technical question butI am also a bit unclear about how the classroom subscription works. You outlined how there would be 2 “free” fingerprints for demo purposes and then it would be available to classrooms on a per student basis, with a price reduction with growing numbers of students. So, once the app is installed on the devices, linked to the cloud, once the student swipes his / her fingerprint then they are automatically logged in, correct? What if that student had his / her fingerprint saved by more than one user? For example, home use and also in more than one class at high school? Could they download the app at home and use their school account on their personal devices? Finally, how would you address concerns people have about data mining their fingerprints? The security of the cloud saving this info? I really think you have an excellent product here so these are legitimate questions. 🙂
RECOMMENDATIONS: 100% fund this venture! I am confident that this type of app will become available sooner rather than later so it would be great to be on the ground floor! This is going to be HUGE! Ka-CHING!!

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