Review: Fantastic elevator pitch, Dan! I…

Review: Fantastic elevator pitch, Dan! It hooked me and I was compelled to explore your site deeper. I found your content to be well-organized, sensibly designed and informative. I love looking for new ways to connect with parents since I haven’t found anything out there that works exactly for my needs and what you’ve created certainly hits those pain points. As a teacher, making sure my parents are happy is just as important as meeting my students’ needs and I can see this type of app flourishing. However, I know you are up against some very stiff competition and, as an EVA, I am not fully convinced you can rise above all the others. You have identified only one competitor but there are so many more out there that I’ve tried (LMS’s and teacher-parent communication apps offer the same features) and I wonder if focusing so tightly on beating one other app may undermine your venture’s staying power. Besides that, you have done an excellent job crafting a credible venture and I would be intrigued to see how well you do after your first year before investing as an EVA.

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