Review: Fantastic elevator pitch! You gr…

Review: Fantastic elevator pitch! You grabbed my attention immediately with your visuals, statistics and confident tone. It is clear that you understand the market potential, pain points and both the pedagogical and business side of your concept. I believe that your venture sits directly at the cusp of an explosive market and you are tackling it from the right position. By the end of the pitch, I was ready to sign up! As I proceeded to your full pitch, your market readiness, research and understanding of AR potential felt credible and promising. There is a plethora of AR apps and training programs out there but I haven’t come across such an ambitious idea of combining all of it together into a simple, honest and necessary platform. This degree of ambition, to tackle such an evolving and flourishing market, would worry me as an EVA but I found myself assured as soon as I felt any reasonable doubt. Besides the strong weight of your research, business model and venture concept, your presentation skills are spot on with great pacing and beautiful visuals. I felt like you have truly achieved the narrative feel of a pitch, which I have yet to come across. As an EVA, I would certainly be interested in investing and if you don’t intend to pursue this venture, I would certainly invest in you and any venture you should choose to pursue. Great work overall and thanks for the wonderful pitches!

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