Review: Great idea! This is definitely s…

Great idea! This is definitely something I could use to keep track of my classroom resources. I liked the graphics, colours and text you used for your elevator pitch. You kept the ideas quick and succinct. It may have been beneficial to include a voice over of the text to add a personal element and minimize the amount of text to read in a short period of time.
The audio you added to your prezi, coupled with the text and graphics, made the presentation easier to follow. You have identified and explained a viable market by outlining the amount of money teachers spend on resources, most notably books, without an effective method of ensuring their safe return. By providing specific information about your target market and possible future markets, you presented a clearer picture of its potential. The specific data projecting profits and the return for investors makes a compelling offer. I didn’t see any discussion about the competition to differentiate the Classroom Library Catalog App from other existing products. More information about the team behind this product would also be valuable. I see promise in this venture and would be willing to invest.