Review: Great pitch overall, Mariana. Yo…

Review: Great pitch overall, Mariana. Your elevator pitch is good and I know how frustrating it can be to use PowToon so I applaud your confidence to record yourself. I know very little about the mining industry or the components of education that go with it but you’ve done an solid job delivering information and research while maintaining my interest. This is different than other pitches since it is already an established app and, appropriately, your pitch is about expansion rather than grabbing initial investment. I wasn’t exactly sure how to assess the venture as it is already established but I feel that as an EVA, you bring up some strong pain points in a market quite foreign to me and your statistics and research indicates good growth potential. You indicate that there are no other competitors but I am not sure why. Is it because the mining education market is so small or is it because your venture is truly original and monopolizing a niche market? In any case, your venture targets a very specific audience and I am not quite sure that I, as a general EVA, would be fully convinced. Regardless, I found your tone and presence credible.

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