REVIEW: Great work, Laurie! I think out…

REVIEW: Great work, Laurie! I think out of all of us, you always do the best with enunciating, an overlooked but especially important skill when trying to clearly let investors know about your pitch. For the Venture Pitch, I think the main strengths are how clearly you’ve delineated the problem and the solution. A combination of real-world clips mixed with static images helps to illustrate real world uses. My main suggestion is that the Venture Pitch could be improved through contextual details about time and place that help establish the problem and apply the solution to the real world. For example, in what grade-level and in what countries is the venture relevant? Is privacy of a particular concern to Canadian students? It might help to connect this issue to broader privacy themes that we have in Canada (e.g. the way a number of our schools prohibit using U.S.-based cloud services due to the PATRIOT Act in the U.S.), or to clarify whether privacy is especially important after Edward Snowden’s revelations, or whether it has always been important, especially for students who are minors. With this context in place, I recommend funding for 3DCreatingSpace.

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