REVIEW: Great work, Osayma! I think you…

REVIEW: Great work, Osayma! I think you do really well identifying the need and relevance of the venture. Using key figures, like the one at the beginning of the Elevator Pitch illustrating how little funding is being direct toward education in the Syrian crisis. But inversely, this figure also helps to emphasize the potential impact of your venture for Syrian students. Your Venture Pitch has a clear five-year timeline for the venture that is grounded in both time and place,specifying particular locales where the venture will move forward. My two concerns are (1) the name of the venture—“Spark” is already the name of a somewhat popular instant messaging client from a company called Ignite. It’s similar to AIM, and it is popular in the business community and in some education markets, so that might potentially cause some confusion for your venture. What do you think? And (2) What is the mobile access like in refugee camps in the countries specified in the timeline and in areas within Syria? Can kids expect consistent access on their mobiles? With these issues clarified, I would recommend funding for Spark.

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