REVIEW: Great work, Tina! I like how you…

REVIEW: Great work, Tina! I like how you’ve used the anecdote of your own son to illustrate the relevance of the problem and the necessity of the product. Is the printing shown his? Mentioning both personal and professional experience helps your pitch gain credibility. You’ve also done very well describing the technical components of the product, making the pitch even more credible. I also like your emphasis on the benefit of avoiding apps and upgrades—the things that have come to make lots of ed. tech. devices seem cumbersome and complicated. My questions are: What age range do you envision using this product? Is this something high school students like your son might use to improve their printing and longhand, or is it intended for younger grades? Do you think this is a problem affecting students across the world, or is it a uniquely North American problem? In terms of the product, I think this information can make the pitch clearer, but either way, I recommend funding for the venture.

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