REVIEW: Great work! Your venture proposa…

REVIEW: Great work! Your venture proposal looks very professional, and is clear and informative. I found that I didn’t really get what Kalboard 360 was when listening to the elevator pitch, but as soon as I looked through the slides I understood. You have clearly addressed the pain point and the solution. It’s my understanding that Kalboard 360 is software that connects students and teachers via “the cloud.” Cross-platform programs have the difficulty of keeping up with constant software updates and bug fixes. Do you have a technical support model in place as part of customer service? How does that affect your bottom line?
You have identified a huge market for this service, and I like the slide entitled “Market Overview” which outlines investments in tablets for education by various countries, you have done your homework! I wonder if the cost of $15/students might be prohibitive for public education, and that might decrease the size of your expected market. From your explanation, you don’t seem to have direct competition, but will be fighting very big names for a share in the market.
You have assembled a very impressive team. Given their combined credentials and experience, I have no doubt that Kalboard 360 will head in a profitable direction, and investor’s will be satisfied with the company’s championship.
I like the breakdown of your “pipeline” and how it clearly outlines your marketing plan to acquire new customers. The breakdown of finances is a nice touch, and a definite requirement when seeking investors. I would suggest that you clarify your expenses in more detail, how much are you, and the developers paying yourselves…these are things an investor would like to know. Finally, I didn’t entirely understand your “ask” for 1.5 million dollars. Asking for money for “pre-operations” didn’t really mesh with your claim to have 4000 paying customers. My recommendation would be to clearly state what you will do with the investment and how it will increase the value of your company. Once you’ve corrected that, I would recommend to an investor to get on board