REVIEW: Hello Heather. I really like you…

REVIEW: Hello Heather. I really like your concept. I worked in South Africa and Fiji where I volunteered with orphans who can not read, write or do math and it totally broke my heart. I love your idea and I can see you have done the research to find out the numbers and how it can work in communities. I think it’s so important for global education and having children everywhere learning how to read and equipping them for their future. I would like to invest in your venture because I feel a strong connection with your idea and it speaks to me with my core. It’s interesting, as I watch the elevator pitches, I’m choosing the ones with non-profit or goodwill in the root of the pitches. I am so drawn to improving the world for the better and I think your venture would do that. I would feel confident and happy to associate my money and myself with you. It reminds me a little of TOMS shoes concept. I like your layout of your A3 and it was easy to read along. I like the visuals and written part because it was simple enough to get, but also shows you were very well researched and you put your heart into it. Thank you for sharing your idea.

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