Review: Hello rstpierre. I thoroughly en…

Review: Hello rstpierre. I thoroughly enjoyed your elevator pitch and it encouraged me to go further and learn more about Akwire in your venture pitch. I thought your voice was great, and the animation you used supported your venture well. I also thought the storyboard behind the elevator pitch was well executed. My only complaint is that in the graphic you showed for learning Japanese, the writing on most of billboards was actually Chinese. I liked the organization of your venture pitch and I thought that it did a good job in discussing the pain points, what your application is, and some of the lacking features of your competitors. I believe you have a sound plan in place for the future of Akwire. As an EVA, I find it difficult at the current time to place an investment in Akwire solely because there is no evidence that AR, VR, and adaptive learning is mature enough to make Akwire come to life the way you have envisioned it. Akwire reminds me of the Holodeck experience from Star Trek, and I think we are currently many years away from making something that resembles that type of technology. The concept is sound however, and in the future once there is a clear evidence that the available technology could make Akwire a possibility, I would not hesitate to invest.

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