REVIEW: Hello Tomek. I really enjoyed yo…

REVIEW: Hello Tomek. I really enjoyed your 1 minute elevator pitch. It just pulled on my heart and I know my students have a hard time at school. With the statistics, I can only imagine how devastating it can be to lose a student to mental health. As educators, we want to support and be there for our students. I would love to invest in your company because I believe in the cause. I believe we need to create a support system for the most vulnerable students in our schools, especially in a country where they don’t feel supported or they feel very isolated under the pressure of achieving. I couldn’t find your 8 minute venture video, but I did read over your materials. I think your team seems very qualified and I like the steps on how to find a community to help with mental problems. I’m surprised this hasn’t already happened in Japan with the high suicide rates in Asia. Coming from an Asian background, I know how tough it can be in high school with the pressure to succeed academically and also growing up in a dysfunctional family. Pressure from school and home can lead to bleak moments, but having an outlet, somewhere, someone understands how difficult life can be, it can save us.

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