Review – Hey Robert, I really enjoyed yo…

Review – Hey Robert, I really enjoyed your project. Let me share with you a few of the strengths I saw throughout your presentation. Right away in your elevator pitch you drew upon initial success of App Sheet. Its is always good to use past success to add to your credibility. As an investor who wants to make money, your elevator pitch peaked my interest with the mention of a guaranteed return on investment. When your venture pitch started I liked having an outline of what you were going to present, really sets up expectations and an understanding up front. I think your greatest strength through was a solid description of the financial details of your project. Reviewing App Sheet’s initial financial details and drawing out of that the current educational income was great. Again, the details about how App Sheet scholar will make money and the details about how the guaranteed return with profit sharing will work was persuading to an investor. Where I have questions is in what App Sheet Scholar really is? I am not sure if you really identified clearly what it is. Is it a program to easily make Apps for devices or is an LMS? Or a hybrid between the two ideas? If it is a program to make apps, why do you need to tack an LMS on top of that. Seems complicated and to be honest unnecessary. Connected to this confusion my question is who are your competitors? If its LMS, the competition is huge. I think tightening up your presentation with more details about what App Sheet Scholar is and does will make it an easy sell. Good work.

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