REVIEW: Hey Vibhu. I think you identifie…

REVIEW: Hey Vibhu. I think you identified a definite pain point for educators. Not only is this an issue for online learning, but I sometimes find it difficult to monitor students’ work habits in my face-to-face 1:1 laptop environment. I often catch students ‘window switching’ as I circle the classroom. I currently use the “DraftBack Chrome Extension to review my students’ work in Google Docs. However, it would be great to be able to view students’ progress on other webpages. This is not always necessary, but would be nice to have as an option if I think a student is regularly off-task. Are the feeds only live? Or can a teacher rewind to a certain point to view what a student was working on? Your idea reminds me of the projection mode on computer lab desktops that allowed me to view any student’s screen on my own monitor or broadcast my screen to my students’ computers simultaneously. I think what was missing from your Venture Pitch were the financials: How much are you looking for from investors? What would the return be? I fear your direct competition would be plugins such as Chrome extensions which are free to teachers. Who would you target in your marketing? Teachers? Schools? Parents? As an EVA, I would be interested in further discussing some of the details of this project as I think the idea is a good one and has growth potential in the online learning sector.

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