Review Hi Anne, I understand what you ar…

Hi Anne,
I understand what you are saying about this being a difficult transition for a classroom teacher. I have struggled through this course as well.
I think your venture has some real potential. You could extend this to augmented reality. Some schools are already doing this but I don’t know of a webservice that allows sharing.
I think that your experience as an educator gives you clear insight into teaching and motivating students. My suggestion is that you introduce yourself in a video. Your investors will want to know who they are working with.
You mentioned that you wanted this to be open source but did not know how investors would get a return on their investment. There are ways that open source can generate revenue. Jaron Lanier has some interesting ideas in his book Who Owns the Future. The website Instructables is a service that offers subscribers the opportunity to share open source resources.
Very interesting idea Anne. I would like to know more about the action research project that you mentioned.