(Review) Hi Carlo, I like your confidenc…

(Review) Hi Carlo, I like your confidence in your presentation especially the elevator pitch. Thank you for acknowledging the crisis we are in now within your presentation. I found your guiding principles and byline to be excellent–the Core Competencies clear and the application of the cube framework good.
I am concerned about your claim of 99% accuracy, I am IB English teacher and the essays and portfolios I grade are quite complex, I don’t feel that there a essay grading software that can do what I do. Years ago I used Vantage Learning which as AI Intellimetric software that helped but could not really provide much support beyond some canned responses similarly with Turnitin.com. So for me this claim is too high and not possibly at the upper school level for most assignments or tasks. Maybe the market focus should only for K-5 or K-8 in standards based curriculum and not in PBL curricula or specialized curriculum such as IB and AP. Another scenario would be to suggest that Gradenetix solve the more simplified grading tasks that are not essays or project-based.
I did not see any discussion of roll-out phases–that is to the extent you can project the markets and strategic partners you envision.