Review: Hi Colleen, This is a very inter…


Hi Colleen,

This is a very interesting idea! I was very moved by your reflection and reasons for choosing to develop the Virtual Angel concept. I can relate to your story on a number of different levels. I think your sincerity and genuine passion for helping people would be just one reason that investors would be interested in your product.

As some people have mentioned below, I agree that the symbol of the cross is a little bit misleading as it may suggest to some people that you are marketing this product mainly to Christian investors/buyers. In order to broaden your scope and your market, I would not include any religious imagery.

I would also be interested in learning more about what other types of technologies exist to help students with Autism (or people with Autism in general). Identifying these technologies and aids could be a good way of helping potential investors understand what this idea is up against.

Also, I wasn’t totally clear about how much you were asking investors for – and how much money it would take to develop this product overall.

Thank you so much for sharing this idea – I really enjoyed exploring your product and thought your elevator pitch was fantastic.

If I were a potential investor, I would consider investing in your idea 🙂