REVIEW: Hi Esther, this is a really inte…

REVIEW: Hi Esther, this is a really interesting concept and until your pitch, I didn’t know these types of services existed. You present a very compelling idea in a highly professional manner and although I was unfamiliar with “onboarding,” I was able to infer fairly easily what it is. As your company focusses on employee growth, I could see this being marketed to areas that have lower retention rates and need to keep their talent (I’m thinking STEM areas). It would have been interesting to see a comparison of one of the current onboarding companies in terms of services offered and your projected differences. I would consider investing if I could see how this company differs in that way. Also, I imagine each “journey” and personalized digital storytelling etc. would differ based on the company’s needs but an example would probably help me understand the concept more fully. With those 2 changes, I might be willing to invest. Great work! ~ Sarah

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