REVIEW: Hi James, I have to admit I pure…

REVIEW: Hi James, I have to admit I purely would say I invest in this as you did a great job in explaining your product, its features and its potential! Though I hate Math myself (probably as i got stuck already by the first example question), and I am not sure what you are asking EVA? What will be my share or my ROI / per share? How much money do you need to grow exponentially and how are you going to kick away the competition – Will you use a B2C approach or a B2B(S) approach where you contact schools? Again, I would be interested to invest purely as I think this is a very solid product with a market demand. Online learning apps for specific subject matters are very popular and could have a great profit margin.

How did you create this video? I would be very keen to learn these skills so i can assist my faculty who are currently teaching remote 🙂