Review: Hi Jesse – interesting idea. The…

Review: Hi Jesse – interesting idea. There is a lot I like about this pitch. School purchasing of hardware seems somewhat outdated in a very budget conscience world where as you point out security and infrastructure costs are significant. BYOD seems to be the ideal path forward, but I can’t imagine primary grade students bringing their own device – perhaps school supplied hardware for younger students and byod once they move past primary is a good compromise. Apart from this I thought the pitch was well thought out, particularly the financials – you have a great sense of how much funding you need and where you can go with that funding. It did occur me to that your solution seemed similar to Edmodo, but the key differentiator (mobile first development) is significant and seems to meet the students where they are – on their mobile device! I have spent some time as a substitute and the biggest source of tension with students is their mobile device – some teachers ban them altogether, others tolerate, but I find the most successful strategy is integration. You’re price point seems reasonable and affordable for schools – I think it varies from school to school and board to board, but I know the Toronto District School Board has adopted Edmodo across the board, available for teachers to utilize – I would imagine selling at the board level would also be successful. I could have used some more info on your team and a bit more flushing out of your sales and marketing plan, but for the most part, great job!

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