REVIEW: Hi Jesse, thanks for sharing the…

REVIEW: Hi Jesse, thanks for sharing these excellent pitches! Both of your videos are of a high quality and enjoyable to watch. The key strengths I saw in your venture pitch was the integration of a social media feel and the idea of being mobile first. I think you have chosen a difficult venture area to break into with this app, and I wonder about its overall viability. You will certainly have a great deal of competition, and given the ever-changing role of technology in classrooms I wonder if an app would be a good investment. I really appreciated your assessment of the value of a mobile first approach, and the ability for schools to mitigate the costs of hardware. I am also very keen on the idea of being able to access a learners history through archive data to be able to chart their learning progress over the years. As an investor, despite the benefits that your app pitches, I would be hesitant to invest in this product. With larger tech companies beginning to focus their efforts towards education I wonder what classrooms will look like in the next few years.

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