REVIEW: Hi Jon. Great work on the site….

REVIEW: Hi Jon. Great work on the site. I have been meaning to check out Spark for a while, and it does seem to have a distinct design edge over other site builders. EduStream 360 is a fantastic idea. Your rationale is well grounded in research, and this shows in the venture pitch. It would be worth it to include hard numbers (if any are out there), that could back up the claim that VR and live streaming technology is on the rise in education. You could include Google Expedition as part of this, though VR is not the same as live-streaming. In addition, it would be effective to include a description of the team (besides yourself, though you are certainly more than qualified) that is already working on this venture. It is always difficult to break the inertia of venture in the beginning. Giving potential investors/ supporters the benefit of knowing they are contributing to an already popular and inspiring venture will probably increase your support more quickly than if you gave the impression that EduStream360 was still in its infant stage of conception.

From your site, I get the sense that you are pitching more than just a service; I sense that you are pitching for the more widespread support of VR experiences within the classroom. As a potential supporter, or investor, I would first be asking what the likelihood that the hardware required for your services is already in place in schools. That might be a more immediate concern before you get to how you are going to make your vision grow. Just like in Brian’s pitch, I questioned whether equity in access to requisite hardware was a kink to iron-out or at least consider more specifically as part of the venture. You could offer class sets of the hardware, in addition to subscriptions for your live stream service, but that might require a rethinking of your business model and non-profit nature. Regardless, if I was to invest in this, I would want to know how we could make it as easy as possible to get consumers the tech they need, so they could start using our product.

My second concern as an investor/ advocate would be how we could eventually move away from grants as a model for revenue. If we want this company to thrive and be self-sufficient, there should be other ways besides asking for money. Robert’s suggestion below of sponsorship plans seems like a perfectly suitable way to make sure that revenue continues to come in.
Overall, EduStream 360 is a great concept, and your work of presenting your vision was effective and engaging. Well done!

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